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QiPower Innovations is a holistic health and bodywork company that focuses on maximizing the positive and health supporting characteristics of life energy (chi, qi, ki, prana, etc.). QiPower Innovations (QI) offers an individualized blend of healing modalities and personal skill development designed to effectively and efficiently obtain and enhance health and wellbeing.

Our unique blend includes products and services isdesigned to initiate, promote, and sustain physical and emotional wellbeing. Everything we do is focused on you. We appreciate you both as you are now and support you on your path to manifest your highest good.

The foundation of our approach at QI stems from the generally-accepted viewpoint that blocks (qi, chi, prana, etc.) and emotional triggers prevent us from enjoying life to its fullest. These blocks and triggers (everyone has her/his own special mix) affect our mind, body, and spirit. They color the way we see the world, how we respond to others, and how we feel about ourselves. If the blocks are not resolved, they can become reinforced and their effects on our lives more entrenched; they can manifest as physical pain, impair our body's natural healing ability and can cause us to drift farther away from true happiness and fulfilment.

Through a combination of physical and energy-based services, QiPower Innovations works with you, at your own pace and comfort level to relieve stress, resolve blocks, essentially remapping and rejuvinating your energetic self (including chakra-  and meridian- related energies) with self-supporting positive energies. Self-confidence, self-awareness, self-actualization and joy await those who are willing, ready and open to participate in the work.

Come see us. We’d be pleased to get to know you and see how we might help you be a happier you. Whether it is a single session to address immediate needs or to develop and start implementing a more inclusive holistic approach to self-improvement – we are here for you.

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